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How to Join

How to Apply

To be a member of the Nottingham Rental Standard you need to become an accredited landlord with either Unipol or DASH.  Unipol's schemes are designed to support landlords letting to students and DASH's scheme is suitable for a landlord renting to non-students in the private rented sector.   

I rent to students

Shared Houses
To become a member through Unipol you will need to sign a declaration and join the Code of Standards, where you are agreeing to a set of voluntary standards and a sample of your properties will be verified to ensure you comply. A fee is payable depending on the amount of properties owned. It's a simple process and you will be guided through by our helpful Code team.

To apply to be a Unipol Code member CLICK HERE

PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation)
To join the National Code for purpose built student accommodation of 15 or more bed spaces, you also need to sign a declaration, pay a fee, complete a self-assessment and a sample of properties will be verified. To apply to join the National Code CLICK HERE

I rent to non-students

The application process with DASH is really quick and simple. All you need do is provide your contact details, confirm the self-declarations and set up your password. A fee is payable. You are then ready to go into your property management site and enter the details for the premises you own and let. We will then be in contact about arranging a virtual inspection. 

To apply to be a DASH accredited member CLICK HERE


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