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Why Join

Who's Supporting the Scheme?

Supported by Nottingham City Council, The “Nottingham Rental Standard” is an accreditation mark for landlords that sets a minimum standard for privately rented housing across the city. 

Nottingham City Council works with partners Unipol Student Homes and DASH to deliver the scheme.

Nottingham City Council want the Nottingham Rental Standard to result in lighter touch regulation allowing the Local Authority to concentrate their regulatory resources on those that showed no sign of meeting standards voluntarily.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a set of standards relating to the management and condition of privately rented accommodation. Landlords who join an approved scheme and who meet the required standards are 'accredited'. The standards for each scheme can be found on their respective websites. Links are available on 'How to Join' .  Find out which scheme is the best fit for you.

Benefits for Landlords

By joining a recognised accreditation scheme and becoming a member of the Nottingham Rental Standard the landlord can benefit from the following incentives:

Lower regulatory fees - Reduced License Fees

You must be accredited at the point of making your license application to be eligible for the discount, so it is important to become accredited as soon as possible.

Please note that you must maintain your accreditation for the period of your license or Nottingham City Council reserves the right to recover any discount fee given based on your status at the time of application.

Other benefits for becoming accredited

  • Free training
  • More self-regulation
  • Regular Newsletters (accreditation scheme specific)
  • Landlord library of resources

For information on how to join the Nottingham Rental Standard CLICK HERE


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