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Tenant Information

Local authorities and educational establishments recommend renting with an accredited landlord or provider.

Accredited landlords have voluntarily agreed to meet a set of housing standards and managerial practices and are accountable to a Code of conduct whilst they are accredited. If things go wrong, both DASH and Unipol offer access to a robust complaints system which will seek to provide a resolution where possible and can offer advice and mediation services.


If you are a student in Nottingham then you are recommended to rent a property that is accredited by one of Unipol's Codes run by Unipol Student Homes. Unipol are a national student housing charity who operate the Nottingham Code and the National Code for larger buildings, which details a set of physical and management standards that landlords agree to abide by.

Renting with a Unipol accredited provider means that you can access free assistance should you run into any problems and Unipol will work with you and your landlord to resolve any issues that you having during your tenancy.

Find out who is a member of the Unipol Code   

Find out who is a member of the National Code

Find out more about the Unipol Code

Find out how to make a complaint

All Other Renters

DASH Services is a joint-working initiative with Local Authorities, property owners, landlords and tenants. DASH aims to improve housing conditions in the private sector, with particular emphasis on the private rented sector.

DASH operate a complaints process and works closely with the Nottingham Rental Standard to get any issues resolved quickly. If you have a complaint please CLICK HERE for advice.

You can also find a helpful FAQ section for tenants on the DASH website HERE


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